Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Maybe, Just Maybe...

Perhaps 1 reason why they are so mad and delusional at President Trump is because he has pointed out on so many years occasions of the fraud and the horrible presidency of ex-president Obama?
Clearly, ex-president Obama's presidency consisted of horrible abuse of power, little transparency, very bad policies and many instances of criminal behavior by Obama and his staff.
And President Trump has documented how bad Obama was and Trump commands an audience that the mainstream media can't hide.
Obama was a horrible president and history will show this but President Trump is showing the American public through his speeches and tweets has expedited the process of showing Obama was horrible.  If it was up to the unprofessional liberal media, we wouldn't have been told for years, if ever how bad Obama was.
And I think Obama knows this because if Obama got in a war of words with President Trump, Obama would lose horribly.
And this adds to the hatred of President Trump... Liberals know Obama was a disaster and Trump is in their face telling them something the liberals know deep down but won't admit: Obama was a horrible, worst ever in the in the history of our great nation, a horrible president.

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