Thursday, June 8, 2017

There Is Pure Evil Out There

From the Chicago Tribune:  Moments before being sentenced for the torture killing of her 8-year-old granddaughter, Helen Ford took the stand on Wednesday and told a Cook County judge that the little girl who was found half-naked, strangled and beaten from head to toe had been hurting herself.
"Gizzell got to the point that she was throwing herself around," she told Judge Evelyn Clay, who in March convicted Ford of first-degree murder in Gizzell Ford's brutal death.
Clay, normally soft-spoken, interrupted.
"Ms. Ford, enough. Enough!" she said, and two sheriff's deputies escorted Ford off the witness stand....
"This was a heinous torture murder which took place slowly, while Gizzell was imprisoned in Helen Ford's apartment," Clay said. "This was a deliberate, excruciating, painful way to die."
Clay then sentenced Ford to life in prison — the harshest sentence she could have imposed...

Gizzell's 2013 death sparked outrage across the city as details emerged about the severity of the girl's abuse. She had been beaten all over her body, tied to a post, denied food and water, and forced to squat or stand for hours at a time.
Graphic photos of her body, and video of her apparent abuse, were presented again during the sentencing hearing, as were excerpts from the journals Gizzell kept over the summer of 2013 as she endured weeks of abuse.  
Cases like this, where there is no death penalty, you wish you could sendthese thugs to ISIS and let ISIS give them their punishments.

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