Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm Back

Well, after a big medical scare and a little break to get used to a new night shift at a large box store chain whose favorite colorbis orange, I am finally ready to start up again.
As far as the medical scare, I went to the doctor for my high blood pressure medicine and the doctor checked the B/P, it was 150/89, which for me is really good.
So the doctor prescribed several medications including a pee pill to get rid of excess water in my body.
I have had not had great resulus with these kind of pills but I tried 1 pill. Within an hour I started to forget some little things and by the end of my night shift around 2AM, I was almost out of it.  I got home and then started having seizures and then a coma.  My kids called 911 and was transported to the hospital.  I was admitted to the ICE in critical condition. I woke up in a few hours and wondered what happenedtome.  They told me how my kids found me and what happenedin the ER. Afterwards, they took of my brain and they found nothing up there.
I was hospitalizedfor a couple days and went home. I took 2  days off and went backtowork.
And then I just needed to let my brain rest so I took off from blogging until tonight.
Thanksfor your patience.

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