Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some Thoughts While I Was Out

Some observations from the News while I was away:
Regard the shooting of Republicans by a crazy drunk asshole, I am not surprised. Many liberals have mental illnesses or harbor anger in dangerous ways.  Violence is part of liberalism. From slave owners in the South to denying Blacks to vote and violent groups like the KKK and Democrats using violence against Blacks in the 1960s to now where violence rages in big urban cities like Chicago, Baltimore and New York.
The drunk avole who ran over the Muslims in London: I  felt bad for the victims but to muslims in general, I don't feel any sympathy, especially with the horrid history of the Mosque where they were attacked. Maybe but I doubt it, the radical Islam terrorists maybe realize this not fun and games and there may be times when muslims at home will be attacked, perhaps someone close to them.
The USS Fitzgeraldcrash that killed 7 Sailors: How does a ship with all the bells and whistles and trained sailors let a huge Tanker get even somewhat close to it.  There's going to be a lot officers who will lose their careers or even go to jail if they are even a little negligent.
Just some thoughts.

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