Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thugs Riot In London

From the Daily Mail UK: Six officers have been injured after violent 12-hour clashes between riot police and protesters in east London over the death of a father who was 'brutally beaten' after a routine traffic stop.traific stop.
Four of the police were taken to hospital - including a female officer with head injuries and a male sergeant with facial injuries - after separate demonstrations in Stratford and Forest Gate that saw bins set on fire.
Scotland Yard added that four people had been arrested follow the protests, which came amid claims a young father was beaten to death by officers.
Edir 'Edson' Frederico Da Costa, 25, died on Wednesday, six days after he was admitted to hospital in the immediate aftermath of his arrest following a traffic stop in Newham, east London.
His family say his neck was broken and that he suffered severe head injuries during the alleged brutal assault after he was stopped in a car with two other people at around 10pm on June 15.
However, Scotland Yard say they believe Mr Da Costa had swallowed a 'large quantity' of drugs which may have been to blame for his death. 
Thugs riots in the US due to false brutality claims and so those in London decided to do the same?
And the thug died of drugs and not violently. 
London has really been a crap town since liberal muslim mayor was elected in London.  First terrorism then a fire that killed close to 100 and now rioting in the streets in the defense of a druggie.
Maybe London needs a politician like our President Trump. 
BTW' the rilt was put on by the terrorist group' Black Lives Don't Matter.

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