Sunday, June 25, 2017

Maybe Time For A New Calendar?

I have no idea if I am the first to suggest this but maybe we need a need a new calendar, at least politically.

BT= Before Trump

AT: After Trump was elected

Let's face it, since about 2002, the country has been sputtering and since 2012, in a liberal disaster.
Since Trump has been elected, the liberals have been acting like they are mentally ill and is not an under statement.  They are acting like they are schizophrenic, bi-polar, have mood disorders or are just deranged.  And those suffering from mental illness like symptoms are just in Congress.
The media certainly has changed.  BT, they were liberal lap dogs and BT, they are dishonest and in many cases, enemies of the United States.
So, let's change the political calendar to BT and BT in honor of President Trump.

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