Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Cop Cleared Of Killing A Thug

From jsonline, Milwaukee:Former Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown was found not-guilty Wednesday in an on-duty fatal shooting that set off two days of violent unrest last year.
Heaggan-Brown, 25, had been on trial since June 12 for the shooting of Sylville Smith last year that set off two days of violent unrest in Sherman Park....
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said the jury's verdict "was based on the objective evidence before it."
"A year ago I told the public I’d seen nothing in the video that was a violation of the law or policy," Flynn said in a statement. "The jury saw the same evidence and came to the same conclusion.”  
Heaggan-Brown was charged with first-degree reckless homicide. Jurors could have found him guilty of lesser charges of second-degree reckless homicide or homicide by negligent operation of a firearm.....
They pulled up on a car parked too far from the curb on N. 44th St. near W. Auer Ave. they suspected of being involved in a drug transaction. Smith ran from the car with a gun and turned into a gangway between two nearby homes when he fell at a fence.
Heggaan-Brown, who was chasing Smith on foot along with another officer, shot him once in the arm as Smith was throwing the gun over the fence. Less than two seconds later, after Smith had fallen to his back, Heaggan-Brown shot Smith in the chest.
Good. A thug good killed after he pulled a gun on a cop.  
And the thugs of Milwaukee decided to riot in Milwaukee in support of the thug.
I used to teach in this area of Milwaukee when I began teaching and majority of the people are good people but unfortunately, the area is run by thugs, thug politicians and politicians who cater to the thugs.
I am glad this former was found not guilty though he stands accused of of gay rape...setup?
BTW, the cop is black. How will the black racists spin this?

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