Monday, March 21, 2011

Pawn Stars Review: March 21, 2011

Well, it was going to be a fairly boring week until today when it was announced that Corey was arrested up in Big Bear Lake, in California. Corey was drunk and pushed a security officer in a bar and sheriff's deputy. Because of this, Corey spent the night in jail, sobering up and he is awaiting charges. See other posts on this blog.
In the first episode, the first guy wanted to sell Uncle Sam mechanical bank from around 1886. It was made out of cast iron. The guy wanted $1500. Rick offered $500. Rick then offered $800 and that was the final offer and the selling price.
Then the computers went down and they had to do everything by hand.
Corey and Chum then went to see a Robosaurus, a 31 ton machine. The thing was located in downtown Las Vegas. It was huge and it actually worked. It's not a thing you would be able to park downtown and especially not at their small shop. They got it working. It was pretty loud and it did shoot out fire. It then killed a small car, kind of like my old Kia. The guy wanted $1,000,000 and there was no counter offer. No sale.
Both the computer scenes and robosaurus seemed like it is was staged and not very real, unlike other segments. Maybe they running out of ideas?
The next guy brought in a $1 error note, a dollar bill with a mistake on it. The bill was folded over. Time for an expert, Wayne. Wayne said it was worth about $1000 to $1500. The guy wanted $1500 Rick offered $600 and then $700 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in an antique harmonica. It was about 90 years and I think it came from Germany. It had a Zepplin printed on it. Rick offered $200. The guy countered with $300. Final price was $200 and a fake Timex.
In the end the computers worked.
In the second episode, the first guy brought in an Ansel Adams print. It was a picture of trees from Yosemite Park in California. The guy wanted $1500. Time for an expert, Brett of Art Encounter. Brett thought it was worth about $300. Rick offered $200. No sale.
The next guy brought in a 1987 Jaguar XJ6. It had about 113,000 miles on it. The guy wanted $5000 and Rick offered $2200 and then $2500 and that was the selling price. they took it to Danny at Kount Customs in Las Vegas. They fixed the car up and it was two colored including a pin stripe and the hood. Also new chrome wheels. It cost about $3500, so they $6000 into it. Personally, not worth it.
The next guy brought in a 1942 Chicago Bear autographed football. The guy wanted $5000. Rick then offered $2500 and that was the selling point.
The next lady brought in a "Dewey Defeats Truman" from the Chicago Tribune Daily from 1948. There was also some typesetting that was upside down. Corey offered $45 and the lady said she had an offer of $1000. No sale.
The guy brought in a $500 and a $1000 bill. They were issued in 1934. The guy wanted $7400 total. Rick offered $3400 and then $5500 and that was the sale price.
So, it may be an interesting week as Corey Harrison goes through the criminal court system in California.

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