Monday, September 10, 2012

Strange Teacher Sexual Abuse Case In Las Vegas

This is strange on so many fronts: Two Clark County School District teachers were arrested Monday, accused of having sex with a student during the 2011-12 academic year at Brown Junior High School.
Henderson Police spokesman Keith Paul said Bambi M. Dewey, 32, and John E. Stalmach, 31, were taken into custody Monday and booked into Henderson Detention Center on counts of solicitation of a minor to engage in acts constituting crime against nature. Stalmach also was arrested on a count of sexual conduct between certain employees of school or volunteers at school and a pupil.
The teachers are accused of engaging in sex with the teen at a home the couple shared in Henderson. Separately, Stalmach also is accused of having sex with the girl without Dewey's presence.
The acts are alleged to have occurred between November 2011 and January 2012, Paul said.
Dewey is a teacher at Brown Junior High School in Henderson. Stalmach is a teacher at Dailey Elementary School in Las Vegas. Stalmach taught at Basic High School at one time and at Brown Junior High School, Paul said.
The alleged victim is now 16 and attends Basic High School. She attended Brown when both Dewey and Stalmach taught there.
This is strange on some many fronts.First, the victim is awfully young- middle school aged kids are rarely sexually abused by teachers, especially by a couple.  Usually, if there is a sexual assault in middle school, it involves one person
Then, the couple supposedly taught the victim when she was in elementary school, and that is even more strange.  Most elementary school teachers say good bye and good riddance to their elementary school kiddos.  Why did they have contact with the kid after middle school?
Then, why did the kid not report the abuse for about 9 months, if true?
But, on the other hand, the student has nothing to gain by turning them in.  The teachers don't teach in the same school as the girl goes to, so she can't gain anything, like a grade or easier homework from the teachers.
Hopefully, the cops have more than the student's word on the case and they have collaborating evidence.
In the end of the day, it is a sad case for all involved.  If true, A kid gets sexually assaulted, the teachers lose their freedom and their careers.  If guilty, hopefully they will spend some serious time in jail.  Hopefully, the student will be able to get her life in back together and lead a fruitful life.
But if the teachers are not guilty, then where do they get their reputation back?

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