Saturday, August 14, 2010

How Can Sharron Angle Still Be Close In The Polls?

If Harry Reid was not so hated, Sharron Angle would be trailing him by about 40 points right now. But as it stands now, a tuna fish sandwich running against Harry Reid could beat him.
Angle has run one of the worst campaigns of all time. Well, maybe that South Carolina Democrat running for Senate who just got indicted for showing porn to a college female student may be running a worst campaign, but not by much.
Angle and her talking head surrogate were on the very friendly Alan Stock show last week and her surrogate was just ripped by the audience and to a certain extent, by Stock, for running a crappy campaign. I had to turn off Angle's interview because it was just so boring. If your base thinks you are running a crappy campaign, what do the undecided voters think?
Now, Angle has come out with a new ad. It's attacking Reid on Social Security. The ad features Angle lecturing her bobble head audience.

I guess, it was a cheap commercial to make, but again, there have been many commercials attacking Reid and they don't look like an old school marm lecturing us. Hell, even Dina Titus, who is an old school marm, isn't that stupid.
Her campaign continues to diss her supporters. I wrote to the campaign early last week and they didn't even bother to send the usual form letter back thanking me for contacting the campaign. That is not how you turn campaign.
One hopes Angle can turn it around, it's still early in the campaign season. Maybe she can hire Kent Davenport to be her campaign advisor and spokesman.
So, Angle is in a statistical dead heat with Reid. How? Because Reid is so hated. Sometimes I wish we would have nominated the tuna fish sandwich instead.

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