Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nine Metro Police Shootings In Las Vegas This Year

So far, in less than 4 months, there have been 9 Metro officer involved police shootings, in addition to a school police shooting and I believe a North Las Vegas police shooting at the beginning of the year. This is according to Channel 13 and 8 news.
Last night, another thug was taken out by Metro after he shot two times at officers and then was shot by the cops and later died. from the Las Vegas Sun: A Metro Police officer fatally shot a man who opened fire on him after a car pursuit Tuesday near the UNLV campus, authorities said.
A male and female officer tried to pull over a motorist about 8:05 p.m. after spotting a vehicle weaving on Flamingo Road, police said. The man wouldn’t stop and, concerned that he was heading toward the Strip, the officers spun out the car at the intersection of Swenson Street, police said.
Metro Capt. Patrick Neville said the man exited the car, fired a shot toward officers, started to flee, then turned around and fired another round. The male officer returned fire, striking the
gunman several times, police said.
The man, who has not been identified, was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Neither of the officers was injured. It's getting to the point where a police officer shooting is ho hum news in the Valley.
Most of the shootings are legitimate, like probably last nights and other shootings where the thugs pulled knives and/or guns on the cops.
However, every now and then, they get a shooting wrong, as the Trevon Cole case shows. The family is now suing Metro and others for $10,000,000 for the shooting that occurred last year. Again, from the Sun: The family of Trevon Cole, who was fatally shot by an officer last June, has filed a lawsuit against Metro Police seeking $10 million in damages.
The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, names the department as a defendant as well as Sheriff Douglas Gillespie; Brian Yant, who shot Cole while he was a detective in the narcotics division; and John Harney, a sergeant who was Yant’s supervisor when the shooting occurred.
Yant fired one shot that killed 21-year-old Cole, who was unarmed, during a raid at the Las Vegas apartment he shared with his nine-months-pregnant fiancee, Sequioa Pearce. Police said Cole made a “furtive movement” toward Yant when the detective kicked open a bathroom door and found Cole allegedly flushing marijuana down the toilet.
I've blogged about this case in the past and this is a case where the cops made a very tragic mistake. Yes, Cole was a minor drug dealer and was probably trying to flush pot down the toilet, but Metro over reacted and it ended up in the death of Cole. My guess is that the family will settle for about $5 million without the case going to trial.
But it boggles the mind that there have been that many police shootings so far this year and even the past 2 years. I am pretty sure this has to be the most shootings of any police agencies in the United States. Why do thugs put themselves in these positions of being shot is beyond me and why is it happening in Las Vegas as opposed to other cities?


  1. from my point of view, metro police think they are god,witch to me,they a bunch of scums,that does know how to protect and serve,to me thier a click of skinheads that needs to be tault a lesson or two,and sheriff gylipps needs to stop making excuses for his most hated police officers

  2. People think it's an outrage when there is an Officer involved shooting in Las Vegas. Look at the statistics around the nation. LAPD averages 60-80 officer involved shootings a year. San Diego averages 20-30 a year. Houston averages 30-40 a year. NYPD averages 20-30 with 2010 being their lowest year ever with a total of 8! (Thanks to the efforts of Commissioner Kelly)Chicago averages 50-60 a year. Las Vegas had right around 26 last year. (Give or take on those statistacs, some may be a few years old) I'm not saying that every incident is totally justifiable. Sure their is some cops out their with an agenda, but overtime they get weeded out. The world we live in today is a sick place. And people get more violent by the day, especially violent criminals. I really get sick of hearing people complain about law enforcement and their "blood thirsty" mentality. Not all Police Officers are that way. These men and woman put there lives on the line each and every day to protect our "RIGHTS"! (Try and take those rights to the Middle East. Lash out about the government over there and you either get your head chopped off or loaded with AK-47 shells) I think its a joke when people use their 1st ammendment right to lash out at police officers for the job they do. Sure they make mistakes, we all do! Thats life get over it. All I have to say is put yourself in their shoes. If a person points a gun at you what are you going to do? Bend over and and just take it in the @#!*% ? Of course not! People get all up in arms over these shootings, but I guren- @#!*% -tee you that if it was you or a loved one in the cross hairs of a violent criminal you wouldn't want METRO to "WAIT" for them to see if they pull the trigger or not. Besides most of the individuals that are on the other side of officer involved shootings are low lifes anyways and the world is a better place without them. I understand a lot of factors come into play as far as mental stability and social factors, but when your staring down the barrel you have a fraction of a second to make a decision. If I were an Officer that decision would be to go home that night to my family. All in all, think of what Vegas would be like if Metro wasn't around, or any law enforcement that matter. We would be living the law of the jungle. (everything goes and survival of the fitest) Personally I dont want BNC or MS 13 or the Cripes or the Bloods running the city or the streets.

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