Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Tale Of 2 Stories In The Same Paper

From the LVRJ: Water, the lack of it and how the driest state in the nation can best stretch every last drop will be the focus of a three-day drought summit that convenes Monday in Carson City.
It's the penultimate event before a panel convened by Gov. Brian Sandoval meets Sept. 28 to narrow down the voluminous testimony gathered over the past several months and identify priorities and recommendations to be included in a report due Nov. 1.
"Water is our most precious resource, and during this prolonged period of drought, it is critical that we work together to forge a path of sustainability for future generations," Sandoval said Friday.
And from the LVRJ:
The Las Vegas Valley has enough water to support 1 million more residents, and it should be able to weather at least the next 20 years before any permanent new supplies are needed, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority's revised 2015 resource plan.
Current supplies could be stretched even further — decades more perhaps — through increased conservation and some help from Mother Nature on the Colorado River, the annual report concludes.
Umm, ok, someone is lying.
Either we have plenty of water for a million new, mostly illegal, residents of Las Vegas.
Or we are about to run out of water and dry up in a few years.
Which is it?

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