Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillary Lies Again

From jsonline:
At her first campaign stop in Wisconsin, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton portrayed herself as a leader who would fight for the equality for women — and all people — in America, drawing sharp distinctions between her beliefs and those of Republican candidates like Gov. Scott Walker and real estate mogul Donald Trump.
In a rousing 20-minute speech Thursday evening inside a packed room at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union, Clinton framed issues such as equal pay for women, student loan debt and the Black Lives Matter movement as crucial for not just women, students and African-Americans, but the entire country.
So. let's see.
She supports black(thugs)lives matter, a terrorist and racist group.
Fight for women, but not men.
And when does she say she will fight for those who are the "vast right wing conspiracy" folks?
Clinton is just a disgusting human being(with apologies to human beings) who will say and do anything to get her way.
Can someone please tell my why they would vote for Hillary, and please don't use the excuse "she is not a Republican".

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