Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Evidence That Liberalism Kills

So, where does most of the violence in America happen?
In rural conservative America?
In liberal cities, like Chicago where former Obamaites have been in charge for so many years?
From the Chicago Tribune: On one of the most violent weekends in Chicago in recent years, Navy veteran Phillip Hardy heard gunshots late Sunday morning and rushed to the window of his South Side home to see a stranger bleeding and gasping for air on the street.
Hardy, 33, said he used his military training and began CPR on Deionte Harris, 18.
"I kept telling him to hold on. I saw him breathing a little bit. I was trying to tell him to stay with me," Hardy said. "If he had a chance to live, I was trying to help him."
Harris did not make it. He was one of nine people killed and 45 wounded between late Friday and early Monday, the most violent two-day weekend in Chicago since Father's Day in 2013, according to data compiled and analyzed by the Tribune.
Harris, a former standout basketball player for Bogan High School, was shot to death in the Gresham neighborhood just half a mile from where a friend was slain a week ago.
The weekend toll also included 14-year-old Tyjuan Poindexter, gunned down on the street after winning permission from his reluctant mother to let him play basketball with his friends in the South Side's North Kenwood neighborhood.
"It's out of control, this violence,'' said one of Deionte's cousins.
The burst of violence continued a disturbing trend for the city, which has seen at least 2,213 shootings so far this year, more than 350 over the same period last year and more than 500 over 2013, according to Tribune data. Through Monday morning, there were at least 365 homicide victims in Chicago, 53 more than last year and 38 more than 2013, the Tribune found.
Just more evidence that liberalism is not only a mental disorder but also a murderous disorder.

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