Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In The News...Not A Damn Thing

I haven't written much lately because quite frankly, nothing much has happened.
Ok, the Pope visited the U.S., but unless you lived in about a 200 mile radius of New York City, who really cares?
Hillary is being eaten alive by...Obama and his followers who want Crazy Uncle Joe Biden into the race.  Interesting, but the crap hasn't really hit the fan yet.
The pundits are crying that the Soviets Russia is in Syria.  Well, I really don't care- the Russians know a bit about being victims of islamic terrorism and they have a naval base to protect.  hell, Great britian went to war against Argentina over some barren islands, the Falklands way back when, so why wouldn't the Russians defend their base.  And if we aren't going to take on Isis then let the Russians.
John Boehner quit as Speaker of the house.  Boehner is a quitter and a whiner, so why is this news and who really cares.  The GOP will just put in another loser as Speaker.
My Badger sports teams are doing as well as expected.  U.W. Badgers defeated a couple of high school teams, Matt Kenseth is winning in NASCAR and the Packers are 3-0 and the Brewers are just about done with their lousy season- can't get much better than that and so ho-hum there.
So, what is there to write about?  Donald trump?  Well, he is interesting but not worth writing about, except to say he won't win the nomination- the GOP won't hear of it, even if he wins all the primaries.  The GOP Super Delegates will vote for Bush, just as the Super Delegates will vote for Hillary- indicted or not.
So, what to do?
Have another beer I guess.
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