Monday, September 7, 2015

These Thugs Should Be In Jail

If you have ever played on a sports team, you will find this disgusting.
If you never played sports, you will also find the following to be disgusting as 2 San Antonio "football player" thugs viscously hit a referee during the end of a football game.

This was a premeditated assault and battery on the referee and they should have ass in jail right now.
From the My San Antonio: One of the two players who appear to have deliberately tackled a referee during Friday's Jay-Marble Falls high school football game was not ejected and Marble Falls police are investigating the incident, documents state.
Both of the John Jay High School football players: sophomore Victor Rojas, No. 12, and senior Mike Moreno, No. 81, have been suspended from school as well as the team, pending an investigation. The district offices were closed Monday in observance of Labor Day. 
On video that came out late Saturday evening, it shows two Jay players, No. 12 and No. 81, tackling and spearing an umpire near the final minute of the game. Marble Falls police issued a release on Monday saying they were looking into the hit, according to the Associated Press, but no other information was available.
According to a report filed to the Austin Football Officials Association after the game, Jay senior Trent Hobdy, No. 7, was ejected, while Moreno stayed in the contest. On the next play, Moreno was penalized for a late hit on the Marble Falls quarterback as he took a knee to run out the clock. Hobdy is not suspended, according to Laing.`
Besides having the players suspended, there also should be consideration of shutting down the John Jay football team as it appears that there is little discipline on the team.  Before the assault, 2 other Jay players were kicked out of the game, so about 4 players and maybe more were ejected fromt he game.  With that many players ejected, it's pretty clear that the coaches have no control of their players and the program should be shut down.

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