Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Great Moments In Education

From the LVRJ:
A Chicago teacher isolated a 5-year-old special-needs student and forced him to wear a plastic trash bag over his clothes, his mother told the Washington Post.  
Nyesha Terry said her son, Lloyd, is non-verbal and epileptic, which often causes him to drool. Due to saliva dropping onto his clothes, Terry said she sends Lloyd to school with extra clothing and bibs. Despite that, she said his teacher decided to cover him in a plastic trash bag. 
Terry immediately spoke to the teacher and reminded her about the extra clothes and offered to provide the teacher with a pack of disposable gloves. She said she believed the teacher understood and the incident would never happen again.
When she stopped by the school the following day, she found her son again wearing a plastic trash bag and isolated from the rest of the class. 
Terry took her son to the office to show school administrators what the teacher was doing to her son. After listening to her complaint, administrators asked her if it was the bag's appearance that bothered her about the situation. Terry said she told informed administrators that the issue had nothing to do with appearance, but a safety concern.
"He could put the bag in his mouth, he could swallow part of it or he could suffocate because of the bag. He’s isolated and I’m concerned for his safety," she said. School officials responded her concerns by informing her that no where in the school's guidelines does it say a teacher cannot put a trash bag on a student.   http://www.reviewjournal.com/trending/the-feed/teacher-forced-special-needs-boy-wear-trash-bag-over-clothes
As a special education teacher who works with kids who drool, this behavior by the teacher is outrageous and for the administration to support the teacher, well, I'd say I am shocked but I am not.  After all, it is Chicago and I am not surprised as the teachers there pretty much suck. (Yes, I have worked with former Chicago teachers and they all pretty much suck- kind of like the Chicago Bears, but worse)
So, I am glad the mom brought this out into the open and that the teacher and school were shamed.

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