Monday, September 14, 2015

Great Moments In Education

Another school year and another teacher strike and it's not in the usual place- Illinois.
Seattle teachers are out on strike and as usual, they are striking because of the children.
And of course, liberal idiots have decided that teachers are more important than the kids in Seattle.
From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
The Seattle City Council has unanimously passed a resolution supporting teachers who are on strike and asking the city school district to negotiate in good faith with the union to bring an end to the walkout.
That happened shortly before school district officials announced that classes are canceled for a fifth day Tuesday.
The council leans left in the city well known for embracing progressive causes. At a council meeting Monday afternoon, Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, who sponsored the resolution, says a victory for the union would be "a victory for education across the country."
She says it shows that "if we organize and remain united, we can resist attacks on public education."
Meanwhile, a Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman told a news conference that district bargainers are expected to respond Monday to the latest idea presented by the Seattle Education Association.
First, the Seattle city council doesn't lean left, it is way left and liberals continue to show that they hate educating the poor and minorities.
Lefties should be demanding the teachers go back to the schools and begin teaching, but no, these lefties support the teachers and against kids and their parents.
And lefties hate educating poor and minorities because:
They support teacher unions and they will defend bad teachers at the expense of kids in the bad teacher's classrooms.
The liberals hate school choice where the parents and the kids can opt out of the public schools and go to private schools that have proven themselves.
The liberals defend the policy of seniority, allowing good teachers to go to well off white majority schools where there is more money and fewer discipline problems than poor inner city schools with large amounts of minorities.  And the very new or poor teachers are forced to work in these bad schools with bad kids.
Liberals favor a big school bureaucracy with lots of teachers in non-classroom positions and this is because the more teachers, the more money paying union members who support the lavish life styles of the rich and union leaders.
So, once again, Seattle teachers show how pathetic they are and how little they really care about the children they teach.
Just more great moments in education.

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