Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Feel Sorry For Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson:
A very nice man: check.
A very intelligent man: check
A non-politician: check
A man who knows the issues: check
A conservative: check
A Black man.... oh oh.
President Obama has ruined the chance for any Black person to become president for probably decades and certainly in 2016.
Obama has shown himself to be a racist, a bigot, incompetent, a very weak man, a person who believes that not only him and people in his administration are above the law but also most liberals and Democrats, with very few exceptions.  The only Democrats and liberals that get into trouble are those who cross Obama, like Sen. Robert Menendez.
In addition, 90% liberals and Democrats would never vote for Carson because the party and most liberal are racist in their views and actions.
So, while I think Dr. Carson would be my 2nd choice behind Scott Walker, he would never be elected all because of the black moron who currently resides in the White House.

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