Sunday, September 13, 2015

Good For Walker

From Fox News: Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker on Monday will call for sweeping restrictions on organized labor in the U.S., seeking to replicate nationwide his successful effort as Wisconsin's governor to curb the power of unions.
At a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, Walker will propose eliminating unions for employees of the federal government, making all workplaces right-to-work unless individual states vote otherwise, scrapping the federal agency that oversees unfair labor practices and making it more difficult for unions to organize.
Many of Walker's proposals are focused on unions for workers at all levels of government, while others would also affect private-sector unions. Labor law experts said such an effort, if successful, would substantially reduce the power of organized labor in America.
While Walker could enact some of the proposals via presidential executive order, others would require an act of Congress or changes in federal regulations. The goal, Walker said, is "to achieve fairness and opportunity for American workers."
"This will not be easy," Walker said in a statement to The Associated Press. "Many -- including the union bosses and the politicians they puppet -- have long benefited from Washington rules that put the needs of special interests before needs of middle-class families."
Good for walker for proposing this and if there is someone who can pull this off, it is Scott Walker.
Walker is the governor who led the drive to lessen the power of government employee unions in Wisconsin and it has done a world of good to the different government agencies who were hamstrung by the unions to provide good services.
Just another reason to vote for Walker, who is the most qualified person to be president.

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