Saturday, September 5, 2015

"I Got Your Back" For Cops

Fro Fire Rescue 1: A firefighter is honoring law enforcement officers after the tragic death of Harris County (Texas) Deputy Darren Goforth.
Click2Houston reported that Capt. Greg Hopper, with the Sugar Land (Texas) Fire Department, came up with the idea to make the "I've Got Your Back" decal while listening to the radio on his way home from work.
"I was getting irritated with all the stuff going on, on the news channel that I was listening to, so I thought I am going to pull into Walmart or a grocery store and just put big letters on the back of my truck that says 'I've got your back,' and then I started thinking, wait a minute I am not the only one," Capt. Hopper said.
It sure beats the hell out of the black lives matter decal:
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