Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Liberal View On Hillary's E-Mails

Just more evidence that liberalism is a mental disease.
From Coward Brian Greenspun of the Las Vegas Sun: Movies are about art imitating life, so let’s go to one of my favorites, “You’ve Got Mail.”...
There is a real-life version playing out across our TV screens today, and the “chick” (please pardon the description) in the middle is former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The emails, of course, are the tens of thousands of communications she had with friends, family members, co-workers and colleagues during her tenure at State. And the plot thickens around the decision she made to not use the government’s server, choosing instead to use her own.
This tale about emails would be a yawner were it not for the fact Hillary is in a historic race for the White House, so anything and everything a candidate does gets scrutinized to the nth degree. Especially if her last name is Clinton.
Last week Hillary admitted she made a mistake in not using the State Department server — even though she acted legally in the circumstances — and said she was sorry. It is fair for some to criticize her judgment in this instance. But what isn’t fair — not to her but to the American people — is this nonstop harangue that is sucking up the oxygen and preventing real presidential politics from moving forward.
She said she was sorry, and that should have ended the political discussion. The American people know humans make mistakes. What they usually want is an acknowledgement and an apology. They now have both.
Isn’t it time to move on so we can enjoy the sideshow on the Republican side of the presidential campaign aisle?
Is there a bigger moron and loser in Las Vegas?  I doubt it and that is why he is in the Las Vegas Badger Hall of Shame.
First, Hillary really isn't sorry- she may be sorry that she got caught.
But if she was really sorry about the e-mails, then she should come clean and be done with that.
As far as this the Republicans being behind this, well look at the facts that the mental midget Greenspun forgets.
Much of the story has been scooped by the NY Times, hardly a conservative news organization.  Other news organizations following this closely is another liberal news paper, the Washington Post.  Fox News is not one of the leading news organizations covering this story.
She is being investigated by the FBI, whose boss is a Democrat and her boss is Obama.
So, once again, Greenspun shows what a pathetic liberal mental midget he really is and he shows clearly that liberalism is really a mental disorder,.

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