Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2 Newspapers Giving Up On Facebook For Coments

Up until recently, many newspapers and media outlets required their readers to sign into Facebook to comment on their articles.
They did this to supposedly better moderate the comments to weed out some moron's nasty comments, from both the right and left, politically.  They were also under the assumption that all Facebook comments were from clearly identifiable people and not some imposter, which is laughable.  They probably got some kind of kickback as well.
Well, 2 small newspapers have bucked the trend and went away from Facebook to comment and went with other options to sign in, here you just need a sign in name and password.
So, congratulations to the following Newspaper web sites:
Kingman Daily Miner:
Pahrump Valley Times:

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  1. They ought to use Google/Blogger like this comments section here. It's always easy to type, it always comes out as you expect. I can't count how many Facebook and Disqus comments I've tried to make that just refuse to work, or have such a time lag it drives you crazy. If one thing ought to be easy and problem-free on computers, it's TYPING. But no matter what browser or system I'm using, leaving a comment on Salon or Slate or NYT or what have you can be an extremely frustrating experience.