Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Benghazi Finally Explained

So, everyone wonders why Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack played out as is.
The scenario that is most plausible is the U.S. State Department, run by Hillary Clinton, was unable to pull the trigger on whether to help the Americans trapped in the Benghazi U.S. embassy.  They were uncertain as to help or not, who to send and the uniforms the rescuers should wear.  In other words, they were indecisive.
Fast forward to this week, while at a rally the muslim father of the nightclub mass murderer muslim terrorist, went to a Clinton rally in Florida.
Some media, not the majority, asked why this was going on, why would they have the mass murderer's dad at a rally, in a very prominent seating position, behind Hillary
Some in the media interviewed the thug muslim father, a normal muslin, who loves sharia law, wants to execute gays, have complete over women and other outrageous thoughts that nauseating to most Americans but are normal beliefs in the muslim world.
The thug father says he was invited and it is also obvious that he was picked to be seated in about the most visible seat possible- right behind Hillary and a few steps raised and the guy was holding a sign.
When a few members of the media questioned this, when the Trump campaign picked up with this and then most of the media finally ran a couple paragraph story about it, it took the Clinton campaign about 1/2 of a day to finally say this was not a good thing, denied he was invited, the campaign disavowed the thugs ringing endorsement of Hillary and told the media he would not be allowed to anymore campaign events.
Most normal people and campaigns, within the first hour of knowing what had happened would have said "What the hell is out there" just like coach Vince Lombardi of the green bay Packers.
They would have immediately disavowed the thug and then find out what happened and made sure it wouldn't happen again.
Hillary Clinton, instead shows her hesitation and afraid to act, just like in Benghazi.
And here is the great, late Vince Lombardi:

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