Monday, August 15, 2016

So, Who Else Has Been Hacked?

So, just about anybody or company and organization or government agency has been hacked or someone tried to hack into their systems...but especially if they were liberals or liberal agencies.
But what about us low hanging fruit of the blogging world?
Back in June, 2013, I believe I was hacked: Something has gotten a hold of my computer.  With my old computer, I rarely had a problem with bugs and viruses and now, it seems it's a day to day problem.
These problems are irritating and I can deal with.
However, what freaks me out is that several times in the past 2 months, and in the middle of the night, music starts playing on the computer.  No music I ever have listened to and it's not a radio station.
Further, all my windows are closed, the Internet Explorer windows are closed and so my computer is basically shut down.  When the music is playing, no windows are opened.
So, to those computer guys out there, what's going on?
Is my computer possessed?
Is my computer being hacked by the government?
Someone playing games with my computer.
A virus or bug doing this?
Anybody have any ideas?

Jamie Greenlee of the Greenlee Gazette, a liberal but nice blog to read also was hacked in this same manner:
I was unable to find his blog post for this but I am sure he will supply the info.

So, perhaps, our blogs that don't produce high numbers but produce a lot of information get hacked.  And since we don't have Drudge report type numbers, then they put some music on, to say thank you in a mean-spirited way.
And I would like to say thank you on my and Jamie's behalf:

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