Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Exclusive: Scandal At Kingman High School

In the 2015-15 school year, my daughter was a senior at Kingman (AZ) High School.
Because she was a senior, she wanted to buy a yearbook, which was run by a teacher and printed by Jostens.  She paid $70 for a yearbook.
Come late May, the yearbook did not arrive for the students before summer vacation and graduation.  The administrators then told them that the yearbook would be a full year yearbook, from the start of the school through graduation and that the Seniors could use autograph cards/pages to autograph.  Of course they didn't tell anyone until the day before graduation and all 9th-11th students were on Summer vacation, so, Seniors could get only seniors to autograph.
I talked to the principal and he initially blamed the printers, Jostens, but when I confronted him more directly, he admitted that he was unaware what the Yearbook teacher and staff were doing. but he did reassure me that the yearbook would go to the printers within a couple of weeks.
A few more weeks went by and no yearbook.
I called the Kingman Unified School District again.
The principal called me and stated that the yearbook teacher screwed up and did not put the yearbook to the printers until late July.
Kingman H.S. has about 2000 students in attendance and if 25% of the students ordered a yearbook, that's 500 students at $70 a yearbook, which comes to $35,000...a nice piece of change if someone took the money and ran.
Or, it is just complete incompetence from the superintendent to the principal on down to the teacher and the students involved.
I contacted the local press and they refused to do a story on this scandal and it is a scandal.
The Kingman (AZ) Unified School District needs to step up and say exactly when the yearbook will be done.  They also need to offer a rebate of at least 25% of the cost of the yearbook to satisfy the Seniors and other students and the parents about the extreme incompetence of those in charge of KUSD  the high school and those in charge of the yearbook.  Discipline should also be considered against those involved.
And they need to prove that no money was lost by theft.
It is a scandal at KHS and the school district better come up with answers immediately.

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