Tuesday, August 2, 2016

LVRJ Horrible Experiment

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal once had an on-line comments on their web site and they changed sign in from Disqus, where anyone can get an account to Facebook, where you have to have a Facebook account. 
They did this because a few crackpots/trolls, both liberals and conservatives made some very terrible comments, including name calling threats of physical violence.  They had monitors to police the comment sections and they were mostly poorly trained or had no pride in their work.
So, how did this experiment work out?  Well, instead of getting 50-400 comments on an article, now they get 0-4 or at the most, and mostly 0 comments.
And I am sure their money from their on-line newspaper has gone down significantly because people not going to their site as much, if at all.
Since I do not have a Facebook account (mostly, I would have nothing to write because, in reality, I am a very shy person-I only went to 1 high school dance and didn't have a serious girl friend until age 20.  I have no desire to have "friends" on Facebook.  Plus I have no desire to make money from conservative hater Mark Zuckerberg
So no Facebook for me.  No comments from me either.
Sorry LVRJ, seems like you got screwed by Facebook.

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  1. Facebook is an interesting. For example, you can befriend someone on Facebook, then unfollow them. Someone could have 700+ friends and only be following 50 of them. In the meantime, you look REALLY popular!