Monday, August 1, 2016

Where's Black Lives Matter?

From jsonline:
Milwaukee police have identified the baby they suspect was drowned by his father as Sean A. Flowers III, who was born April 18.
His father, Sean A. Flowers Jr., 25, is being held without bail at the Milwaukee County Jail. Police have referred the case to prosecutors, who are expected to consider possible homicide charges this week.
Police say that after a dispute with the child's mother Saturday night, Flowers took the child and waded into a nearby pond and sat down holding the baby under water. A witness ran into the pond to try to get Flowers to hand him the child.
"I yelled at him, 'Where's the baby? Where's the baby?' " a man identified as Joey Griffin told Fox6 News. "And then I saw a baby floating in the water. I grabbed it. I tried to swim away with it. He lunged at me and took the baby again and swam farther, deeper," the witness said.
Officers ran into the pond in an effort to rescue the boy, but the father was no longer holding him. Police arrested the suspect and began searching for the child, who was found unconscious within minutes, the department said in a statement.
Milwaukee firefighters tried unsuccessfully to revive the child. He died at the scene.
Court records show that the victim was the second child of Flowers and the boy's mother, who is 26. She bore their first child, a girl, in August 2014, but Flowers disputed paternity until a hearing in February 2015. After DNA testing showed he was the biological father, both parents acknowledged his paternity.
First, the murderer is a black thug.
2nd, When will Black Lives Protest the thuggery of this nasty thug?
And will Black Lives Matter give praise the officers who faced danger by going into the lake, risking injury or death.
Yeah, don't hold your breathe and it shows that BLM is just another terrorist, like Isis.

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