Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Hillary Lie

Of course, you will not find this in the main stream media.
From Conservative Review: Hillary Clinton’s claim that handicapped kids in New Bedford, Mass. were unable to attend school is alarming some New Bedford residents who are disputing that history. In her acceptance speech at the DNC, Clinton recounted her time in 1973 working for the Children’s Defense Fund in New Bedford. She recalled “meeting a young girl in a wheelchair on the small back porch of her house,” while investigating why 2 million children in the United States were reportedly not going to school. “She told me how badly she wanted to go to school — it just didn’t seem possible in those days,” Clinton said. “It’s not true,” former Mayor Jack Markey told the Boston Herald. “I’m even a Democrat, but the truth is the truth. “We would take handicapped kids in a small van to schools that could take them,” said Markey, who served on a local board that helped disabled children before he was elected mayor in 1971. “I would have been aware of a child needing help to go to school. The truth is we had access.” The Herald also reports retired superintendent of New Bedford Schools Joseph Silva and Lawrence Finnerty, a current member of the New Bedford school committee who was in his second year teaching in 1973, are disputing Clinton’s claim. “Kids weren’t left to flounder,” Silva said. “That’s been historically the culture in New Bedford that the needs that children had were met in whatever ways necessary.” “There’s a history down here of taking care of our kids, and we did,” Finnerty said, wishing for more information about the child Clinton spoke of. “Who told her she couldn’t attend?” Additionally, South Coast Today reported local talk radio hosts in New Bedford expressing irritation at Clinton’s claims, declaring that Clinton cast New Bedford “in a bad light.” On local AM radio station WBSM last week, talk show hosts Ken Pittman and Chris McCarthy took issue with Clinton’s remarks. McCarthy said he has read the CDF report and it doesn't mention a New Bedford child in a wheelchair. “Despite the progressive good works of the New Bedford leadership in 1973 to make the city schools and streets more handicap-accessible, Hillary (no pun intended) rolled New Bedford local government under the bus last night in front of the world,” wrote Pittman on the station's blog. “It cast the city of New Bedford in a bad light, and it cast decent people like Jack Markey in a bad light,” said McCarthy. He added that both his father, the late Robert McCarthy, a housemaster at New Bedford High School and the late Paul Walsh Sr., a longtime New Bedford school committee member in office at the time, were painted negatively by Clinton. The former Mayor Markey insisted to the Boston Herald that Clinton’s re-telling of New Bedford’s history with getting handicapped kids to school was just plain false. “I just want to let the people know the facts. It’s not true! Truth is not in the past. The truth is the truth.” That’s two lies for the Democratic nominee immediately following her coronation at the DNC. How many more lies will come from the Clinton camp in the next 98 days until the election? - See more at:
Can Hillary ever tell the truth?
And why do Democrats still choose to vote for this woman?  Mental illness?

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