Monday, August 1, 2016

It's A Miracle

From the AZ Central, Phoenix:
A woman who shot and killed a man early Monday near a Glendale convenience store said the man had pointed a gun at her head and attempted to rob her, Glendale police said.
Carol Miracle, 23, told Glendale police that Frank Taylor, 27, attempted to rob her about 1 a.m. near a Circle K at 59th Avenue and Camelback Road.
Officer Tiffany Smith, a Glendale police spokeswoman, said Miracle told officers that Taylor pointed his gun to her head, and then she drew her own handgun and shot him, fearing for her life.
After the shooting, Miracle called 911 from her home and alerted law enforcement about what happened, Smith said.
Other witnesses also reported that Taylor attempted to rob Miracle at gunpoint, Smith said. Investigators said evidence at the scene was consistent with the witnesses' statements.
Glendale police said the shooting would be submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review to determine whether charges would be filed against Miracle.
It's a Miracle Ms. Miracle was not shot by the thug.
Ms. Miracle is lucky to be able conceal carry or just plain carry because anti-gun crazies, like Hillary Clinton and a bunch of anti-gun nuts, would not like this woman to carry a weapon.
It's a Miracle...which reminds me of one of my favorite songs (and still is) when I was just a wee lad:

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