Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Talk About Going Off The Deep End

I think we can now say that the staff of the New York Daily "News" have finally gone off the deep end mentally and morally.
Headline from the rag piece of bird dropping paper:
HE'S A NAZI PIECE OF WORK! Researcher finds Trump is more of a psychopath than Hitler, other U.S. presidential contenders

The Daily News doesn't say who the author of the hit piece is but the "researcher's" name is Kevin Dutton and he is a pretend researcher at the University of Oxford, who must have very little hiring standards.
And this from the article: Dutton admits that by conducting his pseudoscientific test, he is violating the American Psychiatric Association's golden "Goldwater" rule prohibiting psychonalysis of a subject without treating him or her.
So, the Daily News knows this was not a scientific test but they ran writing anyways.
They say that when you invoke Hitler's name, you know you lost the argument.
I guess Hillary and the rest of left media are getting very nervous about the election and will stoop lower that the nuclear waste dump in Nevada to get at Trump. 

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