Monday, August 8, 2016

It Really Hasn't Been A Good Year

Between my wife and myself, we probably have 30 days in the hospital and probably 100 doctor visits.
And now this number will rise as I suffred a minor heart attack. A minor artery became blocked and with an angiogram.
So, I am in the hospital watching a Donald Trump speech because nothing else is good on TV.
And the hits keep on coming.


  1. If you had a heart attack, perhaps watching political speeches isn't the best recovery plan. Just say'n. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Damn, Dan. Sorry about that! Geez. If it helps, I turned 50, and promptly found out I had high cholesterol, a slow thyroid, and high blood pressure. And, even though I thought of myself as merely chubby, was clinically obese! Surprise, surprise. Getting it all under control, as all are sort of related. Lost some weight, blood pressure dropping, metabolism back in line. Hopefully I can skip past the minor heart attack. Hope you likewise can prevent another one! Make Dan great again! But no more Trump. President Hillary will make everything all better. . . . ;)