Monday, August 29, 2016

Update: K-P Amigo And Pathetic Paul Gosar

On Saturday, there was a memorial service for K-9 Amigo, in Kingman AZ.. Amigo died in the line of service rescuing 2 hikers on a mountain in downtown Kingman.
Just before the service, I heard a political commercial from U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar playing, which I thought was extremely in poor taste and downright disrespectful to local law enforcement and to the citizens of Kingman, especially those at the service.
So, on Saturday, I called the Kingman police dept. and Sunday, I called Gosar's Washington D.C. office.
Today, I got a phone call from a member of the Kingman police dept. and he explained they used a loop of memorial service music from Spotify. (
They explained that the music Spotify has 30 minutes of music followed by a minute or of commercials.
That sounds plausible and so no grudges against the police dept., they didn't realize that Gosar would have played his commercials.
So, my questions to Gosar:
1.  Why did you or your campaign choose memorial music to advertise on?  Couldn't you have said no to memorial music?
2.  Did your campaign target this memorial service, knowing there would be conservative voters in your district?  After all, this wasn't a general buy where your campaign ad would go to areas you don't represent, like Accident, MD, Intercourse, PA or Chicken, Alaska.  You targeted the Kingman area and so, did you target the memorial service as well?
3.  Whose idea was it to advertise on Spotify, targeting Kingman and memorial service.  Did you, Rep. Gosar, have any input in this decision?  Was it a campaign staffer and if so, what are you going to do about it?
4.  Why, Rep. Gosar, didn't you return my phone call today?  Do you treat other citizens of the District you represent like this?  Or maybe you don't respond to people who don't give your campaign money?(Maybe Hillary like??) 
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Man up, Paul

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