Monday, August 29, 2016

Why Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Matter

Everybody is in such a twitter (not the social media thingy) about him not standing for the national anthem. It's all about nothing.
Kaepernick is fighting for a quarterback job with the San Fransico 49ers and probably would have lost his job because he pretty much stinks.
He has sat down on the 49er bench for the past 3 weeks and didn't say for the past few weeks.
He only started yacking when it became apparent that he would be cut, lose his multi million salary and so he spoke out in the hopes he would be so controversial and the liberal media and liberals in San Fran would help save his job.
Well, the NFL is ruthless. The 49ers fired coach Jim Harbaugh 1 year removed from going to the Super Bowl.  The St. Louis Rams cut Michael Sam, the gay football player, even though there was plenty of support for Sam.
So, in reality, Kaepernick is just trying to find a unique  way not to get fired by the 49ers and that's all there is to this story.

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