Friday, December 30, 2016

And You Don't Believe In The Afterlife?

As the post below says, my lovely wife Cathy died in bed about 18 hours ago and the following has happened since she passed:
1. Our lemon tree, which just had leaves on it last night suddenly had 25 or so flowers and buds.
2. My daughter has been searching for years, looking for a Wisconsin quarter. Today, when she went to Family Dollar to buy something and she got only 1quarter back....It was Wisconsin quarter.
3. I was driving to the landlords house and turned a corner and the was a Robin staring.  Wisconsin, where I am from, has hundreds of thousands of Robin's but not kingman, especially in the winter, there none. I have never seen 1 in Kingman, so why today?
You might say these coincidence but those who believe in the Afterlife, we know otherwise.

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