Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Crazy Liberal At It Again

From the Lake Country News, Oconomowoc, WI.: Police cited Deborah Turner, 60, of Oconomowoc for disorderly conduct on Dec. 10 after she allegedly smashed the sign of an anti-abortion protester in the 600 block of West LaBelle Avenue. Witnesses told police that Turner struck a protester's sign several times. When she allegedly pulled out a hammer, protesters called the police. Turner allegedly told police she was going to use the hammer to break the sign because her fists were not the best tool. She told police she did not think the anti-abortion protesters should be allowed to protest in her neighborhood.
I used to live in Oconomowoc and this behavior is unusual. 
I'm just surprised this perp didn't claim PTSD and blame it on Trump. 

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