Friday, December 2, 2016

Good For Him

From the LVRJ:
A part-time math instructor at UNLV has embroiled the university in a national immigration debate that was a focus of the presidential campaign and appears to have been reignited across the country in recent days.
In a Facebook conversation Wednesday night, George Buch, a former graduate student and current UNLV instructor, said that he would alert Immigration and Customs Enforcement about students in his class who may have come into the country illegally.
Buch said that there are “no safe spaces in my classes” for such students. “I would have to turn you into ICE,” read Buch’s post during comments made to UNLV student Javier Aget-Torres, who is of Cuban descent.
And then late Thursday, Buch apparently apologized, according to a story on the website of UNLV’s student newspaper. The website quoted a statement from Buch that read in part, “I’m extremely sorry for the comments. I know how hurtful they are to many of you. It was intended to be a joke, although clearly a poor one. I have never, nor will I ever, create a classroom of hate or intolerance.”
Yeah, he may not have meant it.
But what is wrong with reporting someone who is breaking the law?
Let's remember that those who are in the United States illegally are breaking the law.  They are criminals.
Just like if  I see someone breaking the law by breaking into a house illegally, doing a burglary,, I would certainly report them to the cops.
So, why shouldn't we report people who break into the United States illegally and report them to Immigration/ICE or other law enforcement  agencies?
What part of Illegal alien/immigrant, with the word illegal being the most important word, don't the liberals understand?

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  1. Liberals have done this to conservatives for years to shut them up. It isn't working well now.