Monday, December 26, 2016

The Liberal Loons Are At It Again

Now, President Trump and family are now like Saddam Hussain and his evil sons.
From loon headquarters, the New York Daily News: The titans of tech meeting with Donald Trump in Midtown earlier this month were quite a sight to behold. The $3 trillion of wealth they together brought to the table — the fruit of innovation that changed the world — came up short when they took the elevator up to the Tower of Babble.
They took their seats in a somber specter that recalled the sheepish foreign dignitaries who met Saddam Hussein in his palace as loyal sons Qusay and Uday glowered by his side. They appeared ready to cash in their independence, drop what was, for some, long-time opposition, and dedicate themselves to work with the President-elect.
This is getting so fun watching the liberal head explode.  

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