Saturday, December 17, 2016

Another Reason Why Chicago Is All Screwed Up

Chicago is all screwed up for many reasons.  A de-balled police department, libewrals running the city forever, segregation, a horrible school system, high taxes etc.
And another reason is criminal politicians.
From the Chicago Tribune:  Even in the crowded annals of Chicago City Council malfeasance, Ald. Willie Cochran's indictment this week on federal criminal charges puts the 20th Ward in some rarefied air.
When the federal paperwork hit at the start of Wednesday's council meeting, Cochran, a retired police sergeant turned politician, officially became the third of the past four aldermen from the South Side ward to be indicted while in office. It's the City Council's version of the office of Illinois governor, where four of the nine to previously serve ended up convicted....
Given the 20th's history, news of the latest charges was met with something short of shock in the ward — a patchwork of working class and poor neighborhoods, plus a tonier section south of the University of Chicago — even among those who aren't convinced Cochran did what the indictment claims.
Mattie Butler, the veteran executive director of the Woodlawn East Community and Neighbors group, said that's because of the near-constant parade of aldermen from all over Chicago who've gotten in legal trouble over the past several decades. Twenty-nine aldermen have been convicted of crimes related to their official duties since 1972....
Cochran's indictment puts him in the company of 20th Ward predecessors Arenda Troutman and Clifford Kelley, whose charges alleged similar efforts to line their pockets by using the broad ward-level power enjoyed by Chicago aldermen.
The politicians just want to line their pockets and they have no interest in helping reducing crime.  For whatever reason, the democrat politicians in Chicago just don't want to deal with the shootings and the murders except perhaps for 1 reason:
Because President Obama is from Chicago and owns a million dollar house in Chicago, they don't want to criticize a sitting Black democrat president from Chicago because it is true the Feds have failed Chicago.  But I predict, within 6 months of President Trump being sworn in, he will be blamed for all of Chicago's ills.

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