Thursday, December 1, 2016

More Funny Liberal "Writers"

You have to admire the NY Times...they still haven't realized that Hillary lost and Donald Trump won the presidential election.  But they keep on trying to convince themselves that the liberals actually won.
From some writer named Gail Collins from the NYT: Wow, happy holidays.
Yes, it’s true the postelection nation is still divided, this time between the folks who don’t want to believe Trump is going to be president and the ones who don’t want to hear that more people actually voted for Hillary....
The one positive effect of the recount, besides reassuring people who worry the Russians might be capable of hacking a massive American vote tally, is the way it reminds the nation, every day, that Donald Trump is one of the least successful successful presidential candidates in American history.
Trump is one of the least successful presidential candidate in American history???
He beat 16 GOP presidential candidates.
He creamed Hillary in the electoral college. 
He is only the 45th person to win the presidency. 
And that makes one of the least successful candidates in presidential elections?
Then what does that make Hillary?  A complete and 100% total loser?
The NYT believes that they are an important newspaper.
I guess they are more of a loser than Trump and Hillary. 

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