Friday, December 16, 2016

Typical Liberal Thought

This is typical of what liberals think about conservatives, especially conservatives who beat liberals at election time.
From Cognitive Dissidence: President Obama’s speech this afternoon covered a wide variety of topics.  I tried to imagine Trump answering even one of the questions coherently. I couldn’t. We’ve obviously replaced one of the smartest men in the Oval Office with the most ridiculously and proudly ignorant person we could find.   That comes more into focus every day.
They think conservative are a bunch of dumb asses who have an IQ of 2 and that liberals are so much smarter than the average genius.
But if that was the case, how come the dumb conservatives keep beating the smarter liberals?
Hmmm.  I wonder why.
The Cognitive Dissidence blog keeps writing how dumb Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is but he keeps beating the liberals and has done so for about 2 decades and countless elections.
If Walker was so stupid, how come he is kicking every liberal politician they keep throwing at him?
Hmmm.  I wonder why. 
And then the liberals wonder why they are getting their asses kicked year after year, for the past 8 years.
1 reason is that the liberals are so damn arrogant that they think they are better than anybody else.
If I were to play their game, I would claim that this blog supports Nazis because the picture they post on the blog:

No, I don't think they are Nazis, just un-American.

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