Friday, December 2, 2016

Yes, There Are Intelligent Colleges

From the Havre Daily News:
The local university student senate voted against supporting a student proposal to endorse the right of demonstrators protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.
"We are not here for you to get a political idea. We are here and we pay taxes for you so you can get an education," Willard Fladager, a local resident who spoke against going forward with the resolution, said Wednesday during a forum in the Montana State University-Northern Student Union Building Ballroom before the vote.
"I pay taxes, too, all my life," Mike Lamebull, who is a member of the Gros Ventre Tribe from Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and a Northern alumnus, said to the large crowd at the forum.
In the end, 10 members of the Associated Students of Montana State University-Northern's Student Senate voted Wednesday night against the Montana Association of Students moving forward with the resolution, which had been proposed by three representatives at the Nov. 16 MAS meeting in Missoula.
Six other senators voted to have Northern's representatives abstain from voting on the issue. None voted in favor of MAS moving forward with the resolution.
The protests are about nothing.  A bunch of anarchists and some Native Americans are protesting about nothing.
While President Obama is apparently siding with the protestors, come January, 2017, these protestors will be shown the door by President Trump.  The pipeline will continue and if the protestors want to become violent in January, they better be prepared for North Dakota's bitter cold of -20 to -30F.  It will kind of suck for the protestors if they are sprayed by the water cannons at those cold temperatures. (they were sprayed with the water when it was just above freezing but the cold little babies and snowflakes couldn't handle the water.  Maybe they thought that if they got wet they would melt)

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