Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yes, McDonalds, Let's Teach Them Appropriate Job Skills

My daughter recently was hired by McDonalds in Kingman.  This is her first job and I am sure that many people who work there, this is also their first job.
So, what is it like working for McDonalds for my daughter?
She has worked at this McDonalds for about 2 months and she works an average of 1 day a week for 3 hours per shift.
That's right, she works 1 day a week for about 3 hours and he paycheck is about $35 for 2 weeks.
Then they only have her wok cleaning the lobby, even though she has certification in food handling and she has other skills.
So, based on these 2 points I think McDonalds sucks to be an employee, but hold on Buckaroo, there is even more.
My daughter, along with the rest of the are told to take customer receipts home with them and then the employees call a customer service phone number or fill out forms on-line and they have to say they had the best food and the best service.
And they do this without compensation.
So, the jobs skills they learn?
How to lie, cheat and steal.
Nice job, McDonalds.
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