Friday, December 16, 2016

Remember When....

Remember when the liberals were in love with the communist Soviet Union and wanted to be very close friends with them?
John Lennon, CCR with John Fogerty would write and sing songs about how we should love the communists, real bad communists.
Liberals, especially during the Reagan administration, liked the Soviet Union over the United States, especially hated Reagan and loved Mikhail Gorbachev and other Soviet leaders.
But now, the liberals are so afraid of the Russians and are angry with them because of their supposed hacking of Democrat e-mails.  Never mind that our intelligence agencies try and do the same to other countries.  In fact, remember when the U.S. hacked/bugged world leader's phones during the Obama administration?
Like I wrote before, get some popcorn and beer/soda and sit down because you are not going to get as good of a comedy show right now because the liberals/Democrats are funnier than any TV show or movie out there.

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