Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Some College Kids Aren't So Stupid

When going to college as a older adults compared to the kids fresh out of high school, I began to realize that most of the young kids going to college are not so bright.
But there is always hope.
From the LVRJ: A group of conservative UNLV students has sent a petition to President Len Jessup asking him not to declare the university a sanctuary campus and to meet to discuss the issue.
The petition, circulated by UNLV Campus Conservatives, was started late last week in response to another group of students and faculty who have asked that Jessup protect undocumented immigrant students by declaring the campus a sanctuary. Jessupplans to meet Thursday with the pro-sanctuary students, whose recent letter to him also included three other demands related to protecting undocumented students.
“We think UNLV shouldn’t be in the business of deciding on how to apply the law in terms of which law enforcement requests should be complied with and which shouldn’t be,” said Campus Conservatives co-founder Jordan Escoto, who said he is of Hispanic descent.
Good luck to the conservatives, but since they are a minority group on campus, they probably won't be heard. 

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