Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How Did I Do In My 2016 Predictions?

Here are my predictions made in early January 2016.
Last year I had about a 60% accuracy rate for the 2015 predictions.
Let's see how I did:
1. The Carolina Panthers will win the 50th Super Bowl. 
Nope,the Denver Broncos won
2.  They will cover the point spread.
3.  If you take the "over" in the number of points scored for the game, you will win.
Glad I didn't bet the game.  Under was the result.
4.  Payton Manning will announce his retirement in 2016.  True, now he is making commercials.
5.  Cam Newton wins the Super bowl MVP. Nope
6.  My team, the Milwaukee Bucks will make the NBA playoffs but will go out in the first round. Made the lottery instead
7.  Golden state wins the NBA championship.
Cleveland won
8. Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP
Got a second one right.
9.  My team, the Milwaukee Brewers will not make the playoffs. Sadly, yes
10.  The Milwaukee Brewers will win 76 games, give or take 5 games on either end.
Brewers won 73 games, correst
11. the Kansas Royals will not repeat as World Series champs. True
12.Another small market team will win the World Series. Because the Cubs won, a large loser city.
13. Donald Trump will not win the GOP nomination. Nope
14.  Marco Rubio will. Nope
15.  Hillary Clinton will be indicted on misdemeanors relating to her e-mail scandal.
16.  Hillary will plead guilty to 1-3 misdemeanors and  does not go to jail. Sadly np
17.  She will not drop out the presidential race.
True but sadly for the Democrats
18.  She wins the Democrat nomination for president.  Yep, but almost to a socialist. 
19.  President Rubio. No
20.  Dr. Joe Heck will win another term in the U.S. house of Representatives.  Ran for Senate and lost.
21.  A Republican will replace senile/liar/coward  Harry Reid as Senator in Nevada. Sadly, no and Nevada will regret their vote.
22. Oil prices will go down to $22 give or take a barrel before they start going up again. Not even close.
23.  Average gas prices will fall to about $1.65 a gallon in the U.S.. In some areas yes so I will take it.
24.  1 former president of the U.S. will die this year. Surprisingly no.
25. 1 Pope will die this year. No but close with Benedict. 
26.  Kmart/Sears will close at least 25 stores this year. Way more than 25
27.  The GOP will continue to hold the U.S. House. True
28.  The GOP will retain the U.S. Senate. Yes sir.
29.  The Simpsons TV show will announce they will be ending the show in the near future. They keep on going and going
30.   Kyle Busch wins the NASCAR Sprint cup title again this year. No Jimmie Johnson did
Matt Kenseth wins at least 3 races this year. 
2 wins for Kenseth no
31. The Supreme Court knocks down at least 1 provision of ObamaCare. Yes, the religion freedom of choice.
32. "The View" TV squawk show will be cancelled this year. Sadly no.
33.  There will no credible 3rd party presidential...like Michael Bloomberg.

34,  The Sierra Nevada's mountain range in California and Nevada will have at least 150% of normal snowpack this year.(2015-2016 winter) True they got a ton of snow and it continues this year.
35. ISIS will lose ground in 2016 in their terrorism fight. Module and Aleppo 
35.  There will at least 1 terrorism attack in the U.S. when 20 or more people are killed due to Muslim terrorism. Sadly true in Orlando 
36.  There be at least 1 Muslim terrorist attack in Europe that kills more than 50 people.
Sadly true and it happened in France. 
37.  Chicago will have over 300 murders this year. Try double 
38.  The number police officers shot and killed on duty, based on the Officer Down Memorial Page will increase over 2015. Sadly yes.
So my results are: 18 right and 20 wrong about a 45% accuracy rate. 
Not as good as last year but still not bad and way ahead of most liberal predictors. 

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