Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gibbons Accepts School Aid Money From The Fed's

Gov. Jim Gibbons has decided to take money from the federal government that was earmarked for education. From the Las Vegas Sun: Gov. Jim Gibbons has decided to accept $83 million in federal aid for education and he indicated school districts in Clark and Washoe counties preferred the money be used for additional teachers and not pay raises....Gibbons initially said he wanted to see if the federal bill committed the state to additional funding that it couldn't afford. The aid is for one year only.
Gibbons also complained the law “is another example of Washington, D.C., dictating to the states how local governments spend tax money,” similar to President Obama’s health care plan, he said.
“It is continued arrogance of the bureaucrats in the Reid/Obama administration to believe that all 50 states have identical education needs,” the governor said.
School districts can only spend the money on salaries and not on textbooks, student supplies or computers, Gibbons complained.
While I understand Gibbon's position, I don't think this is a good idea.
first, this is a one year fix. What happens next year?
Next, if I read the article correctly, they are going to be hiring these teachers- it is less than 18 days before school starts and hiring teachers is a long process- sometimes months, when you have to deal with licensing, paperwork, interviews etc... So, when do the school districts plan on getting these teachers in the classroom? CCSD did not layoff any teachers, from what I have heard and read- all teachers who were given layoff notices have been placed in positions within the district- what happens now? It has the potential for chaos.
Finally, this was a horrible bill. Almost half of the money from the bill is coming from the food stamp program and other benefits for the poor. So, we are going to hire teachers at the expense of the poor who are on food stamps? Umm, no.
So, I think Gibbons was wrong and it will create a huge problem next year. But hey, Gibbons will be gone and their will be a new governor and he will be stuck with the problem.
Sucks to be the governor next year when Gibbons just left him with an $83 million dollar budget hole.

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