Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dina Titus Makes Blondes Look Bad

The Las Vegas Sun ran a story about Dina Titus and story clearly shows how pathetic and out of touch Dina Titus is. Titus also makes blondes of the infamous blonde jokes look intelligent.

First, it is reported that Titusis going back to UNLV, presumably to teach, though the job dog poop pickerupper on the UNLV campus probably has been filled. She is so under qualfied for the job because of her lack of ethics, she should never be allowed near students. But apparently, UNLV has no standards when it comes to whom they hire.

What lessons will you teach students about your re-election bid?
The story of this election will be
the Supreme Court decision (that loosened campaign finance restrictions on corporations and outside groups). Almost $9 million spent against us from outside, unnamed sources, starting back in the spring with the health care vote. Just the amount of money that was poured into all the races from those kind of sources.

$9 million? Yeah right.
And the unions and other groups supporting you were just fine with you? Or is it just corporations that are evil and unions are good? Or, maybe Titus, you just don't believe in free speech? (Oh, by the way, didn't the Las Vegas Sun benefit from the Supreme Court decision? Or did they do the honorable thing and refuse campaign money from groups that benefited from the Supreme Court ruling. what do you think they did. Yup, didn't think the Sun refused any advertising money from these groups)

Anyways, from the article: Do you think that was the tipping point — the outside money?
Yes, because all of that money was negative money.

Umm, Dina, you had a ton of outside money running false commercials on your behalf. Some of the commercials were called out by the Las Vegas Sun as false.
It is also false to say that all of Heck's supporters ran false advertisements- some groups also put positive advertisements praising Joe Heck and his employment and service record. But I guess when you compare Joe Heck's accomplishments compared to Dina Titus's accomplishments, I guess I can see why Titus would think those ad's were negative.

Why do you think you lost?
It was a combination of things — the tough economy; anti-incumbency; a lot of the misinformation that got out there early about things like health care; $9 million in negative ads against us. My campaign team, though, ran a flawless campaign and I don’t think anybody will point out any problems we had, any mistakes we made.

Your campaign ran a flawless campaign? You mean all those false commercials were not flawless? All your lies on the campaign trail were not flawless. Flawless? No wonder people make fun of blondes.

Further, $9 million in ads against you? Show me the figures. Then show me the figures of all the money that was spent on your behalf. Whose numbers do you think will be higher.

Do you think it was fair for voters to lump you in with the Democratic establishment when you were new to Congress?
I was only there 18 months before the elections started so I wasn’t a longtime Washington incumbent. But I think it was just the mood. I was there, so I had to take the blame. I think it was an overall climate of anger and frustration, and I just happened to be in that place.

Well, maybe if you had not voted with Nancy Pelosi over 93% of the time, maybe people wouldn't have lumped you in with the Democratic establishment.

Any advice for your successor?
I don’t know Joe Heck. I don’t know what his priorities are. I know he mentioned that his idea for helping people in foreclosure was to bring down unemployment. Uh, good luck with that. I just hope that he’ll continue the (foreclosure) casework because the people in District 3 are hurting.
Umm, you don't Joe Heck but yet you run all those negative advertisements against him? Hello???

Q. What do smart blondes and UFO's have in common? A. You always hear about them but never see them. And Dina Titus will never be confused with a smart blonde and hopefully we will never see her in politics or in a classroom again.


  1. Sir, I enjoyed reading your post-- up to this insulting and degrading comment. I appreciated your post on the LVRJ's use of stock photos in the aviation show. To insinuate Dina Titus is another dumb blonde is insulting. Quoting you: "What do smart blondes and UFO's have in common...You always hear them but never see them?" Incredible that you would make this comment as a teacher! I am a smart blonde, who has been recognized for my work in journalism and in teaching around the world. I look forward to meeting you at the next Desert Pines career day, sir. I hope you won't be singing this sad degrading tune in front of your students.

  2. First, I am sorry you took offense- it was a joke at Dina Titus's expense, not yours.
    But in the post, I to show that Dina Titus is a joke and also unethical.
    I would look forward to meeting you at the career fair and I hope you are proud of your accomplishments. Sounds like you have been quite successfull.
    And thank you for stopping by.