Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Space Alien Found At Red Rock... Or Not

Last week Rangers and Metro discovered some remains- a backbone to be precise- at Red Rock, in a remote area of the park. They send the Metro search and rescue team to gather the remains and implied they were human remains.
Well, today, they discovered they weren't human remains. From the Sun: A spine found by hikers at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area last week that launched a search for more remains is not from a human, the Clark County Coroner's Office said today.
The Metro Police Search and Rescue Unit had recovered more remains — which police initially said were human — after the hikers discovered the spine Thursday.

Of course, they did not mention what animal/creature it was. so, maybe that is where they dump space aliens from Area 51.
But we know one thing for sure, it was not the bones from a liberal because everyone knows, liberals don't have a backbone.


  1. Maybe it's one of Harry Reid's relatives. If you've ever been to Searchlight you would seriously suspect zombies or space aliens live there.

  2. I've been through Searchlight a couple of times, you may have something there.