Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dumb Thug

Rule number 1 of being a thug. When committing a crime, don't announce your name to the public.
From the Leicester Mercury:
A drunk personal trainer who stole a defibrillator from a paramedic who was treating a man in the street has been spared jail.
Paramedic Michael King was tending to an injured patient on the street outside Voodoo Lounge inHinckley at about 4am on December 4 last year.
As he passed by with two friends, 18-year-old Harry Williams picked up the defibrillator, along with an electronic thermometer and other equipment worth a total of more than £17,000, and ran off with it....

http ager-stole-defibrillator-from-paramedic-thinking-it-was-a-cd-player/story-30183659-detail/story.html
Why this thug was not given jail time but he should have been locked up just a really stupid drunk.

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